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All pupils are provided with 60 minutes of timetabled PE per week as a minimum, and are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year. Aquatics was taken up by 3rd, 3rd/4th and 4th classes. Land Paws (water safety) lessons were taught to 1st and 2nd classes. This year, we have begun to prescribe PE homework on a more regular basis, which has proved very popular amongst children, teachers and parents. As a staff, we decided to prioritise the gymnastics strand for further development. Five teachers attended a PDST gymnastics course…rolling variations and sequences. The warm-up and cool down games were shared at a staff meeting. We also watched three rolling videos from the PDST website.





Outdoor and Adventure

We were delighted when Pat Healy a cartographer came to map out our school grounds. We look forward to using these maps for orienteering in June.


Three classes were lucky to receive swimming lessons in The Park Hotel leisure centre. Each week the girls walked over to take up these lessons.

Two classes were chosen to receive Land Paws water safety lessons from Ms. Carroll-Lawler. They really enjoyed these interactive lessons and have learned how to keep themselves safe near water.


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