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Our school provides twice daily playground breaks for all classes, where the children are encouraged to walk, run and play. The school facilitates the use of sports equipment during these times. The school yards are zoned for the different activities taking place. The use of playground leaders in our junior yard has been very beneficial to both the younger children and to the playground leaders themselves. Refreshing our playground markings in this yard, has added to the children’s enjoyment at break times. Active lines take place after small break in the Basketball Court on Wednesdays and in the Large Playground on Thursdays. This year, we have incorporated physical activity even more into our annual school calendar eg. Maths trails during Maths Week, Witches Walk at Halloween, pancake races on Pancake Tuesday, Rainbow Run and Easter egg hunts at Easter. The Tour of Europe was a running initiative that we took part in over four weeks. We ran laps around our pitch and recorded the distance that we travelled on a score card outside each classroom. The scores were added up and we aimed to run to famous European landmarks. Another area that we set up was our Active School Walkway. We are grateful to Jason from Get Ireland Walking, who paid us a visit and gave us some advise on how to get started. We established two walkways, one in each playground so all of the children could benefit from it.

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