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Maths Puzzle

Updated: 8th Jun 2021

Ms. Smith posed a maths puzzle to her class. The two maths brain boxes who solved the puzzle were Ned and Nicola. Congrats guys. I hear they even outsmarted some teachers in solving the puzzle in a quicker time!

Alphabet Countdown To Summer Holidays

Updated: 13th Sep 2021

Ms. Healy’s class have been enjoying an alphabet countdown to Summer holidays. The boys and girls take part in an extra fun activity each day that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Can’t wait to see next weeks activities! (more…)

May, The Month Of Mary

Updated: 8th Jun 2021

As with our long standing tradition of remembering Mary during the month of May, second and sixth classes took part in a scaled down version of our May procession. Both classes sang some beautiful hymns about Mary accompanied by Ms. McGrath on guitar. Mary was crowned by Amy from sixth class. Senior infants visited the grotto out on the Youghal Road and remembered Mary by praying to her. Well done to everyone! (more…)

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Updated: 14th Jun 2021

Inspired by the book, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, senior infants held a tea party in their classrooms. They even had a hungry visitor who joined them…I wonder who that could have been? You’ll have to look closely at the photos! They also created some beautiful artwork to remember the story.  (more…)

Junior Outdoor Classroom

Updated: 8th Jun 2021

Our junior outdoor classroom is proving very popular among students and teachers alike. With the recent good spell of weather, it was a hive of activity again. Reading for fun, maths and english took place. There was even a competition to name our two forest birds. The winning entries were Ruby and Luna. The names were submitted by Ms. Healy’s and Ms. Kiely’s. Both classes had a popcorn party to celebrate. Sounds lovely! (more…)

Outdoor Learning

Updated: 8th Jun 2021

Mrs. Ryan’s junior infants have been getting very creative with their lessons lately. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, they enjoyed using concrete materials in maths outside. They also got active during phonics lessons. What a great fun way to learn! (more…)

Garden Centre Aistear

Updated: 8th Jun 2021

Aistear continues in Junior Infants. The most recent theme was the garden centre. The children got to plant seeds and completed art activities to accompany the lessons. They learned about taking care of plants and the lifecycle of plants. They also got free play at the outdoor aistear area too. (more…)

Giraffes In Senior Infants

Updated: 23rd May 2021

Ms. Healy’s senior infants learned lots of amazing facts about giraffes this week. They also got to draw them and went one step further by making giraffes out of pancakes. What a creative way to learn! (more…)

Cheesy Wotsits And Speech Marks

Updated: 23rd May 2021

Ms. Smith grabbed the attention of her class when she produced a bag of cheesy Wotsits. They had been learning about speech marks,  and now was their chance to put it into action. They were allowed to write on their desk and were asked to place the Wotsits where the speech marks should go. What a fun way to learn! (more…)

Picker Pals With Second Class

Updated: 23rd May 2021

Ms. O’ Keeffe’s second class were continuing with Picker Pals this week. This programme motivates children to lead litter-picking adventures. It also gives them the opportunity to make the world a better place. They began their litter-pick in the playground and continued by doing a loop outside the school grounds. Well done girls. You are doing St. Mary’s proud! (more…)

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