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Junior Infants At The Farm

Updated: 26th Apr 2021

Junior infants have been learning all about life on the farm in preparation for their new aistear theme. They are enjoying learning about the animals that live on a farm. Below are photos of their artwork which accompanied their new song…Old McDonald Had a Farm. Bet you’re singing along in your head! (more…)

Making 3d Shapes

Updated: 26th Apr 2021

Ms. Smith’s class got hands on for their maths lesson this week. They used cocktail sticks and Playdoh to make 3d shapes. In the beginning, they followed teacher’s example and afterwards they got to explore themselves. As you can see, they were delighted with the results!  (more…)

Outdoor Learning

Updated: 26th Apr 2021

Ms. Carroll-Lawler’s class have been making the most of the beautiful weather lately. They have been donning their wellies and outdoor gear and heading outside. The children enjoy exploring their surroundings and love their mud garden and their musical kitchen. They were joined by a few friends from their senior infant bubble. Here’s to many more fine days! (more…)

Easter Happenings

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Other things happening around the infant classrooms were art activities, maths games and Easter jokes. The boys and girls had a cracking time reading the Easter jokes from the Easter eggs! (more…)

Out and About at Easter

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Mrs. Ryan’s boys and girls got to enjoy the great outdoors. They took part in an Easter egg hunt and in a “That’s Not Our Easter Egg” challenge. They had to search for Easter eggs hidden in the grass and they used colours around the school to fill in the blanks on the “That’s Not Our Easter Egg” book challenge. What wonderful ways to get out and about! (more…)

More Chocolate Nests

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Some more of our infant classes got in on the act and made more chocolate nests. The ingredients included Rice Krispies, chocolate and mini eggs. Sounds delicious! Judging by the photos, we have some budding bakers in the mix.  (more…)

Food for Easter Bunny

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Mrs. Ryan’s class were very busy making special food for the Easter Bunny. Surely they will get egg-tra chocolate eggs for their efforts! (more…)

Easter Egg Hunt

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Our sensory garden was the venue for our Easter egg hunt. The senior infant classes were eggcited to use their maths skills to crack the special Easter code.


Chocolate Nests

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Ms. Kiely’s senior infants enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of a chick. They enjoyed making chocolate nests even more!! They mixed cornflakes and chocolate together and added mini eggs on top. Eggcellent work senior infants! (more…)

Easter Tables Blitz

Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Both first classes were rewarded with an Easter tables blitz for being so good at learning their tables. There was great competition among the students to reach the final. Congratulations to our prize winners. (more…)

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