St. Mary's Primary School


World Kindness Day

Updated: 16th Nov 2020

World Kindness Day fell on Friday 13th November. Thankfully it was a very lucky day for us here in St. Mary’s!! Good deeds and kind words were clearly to be seen and heard. Pupils were kind to each other in class, classes partnered up and performed a good deed for each other, some classes had a socially distanced get together in the playground, others took the virtual route and zoom-called each other.

Fifth and Sixth classes took part in a Kindness Poster Competition. Congratulations to Amelia, Lia, Clodagh, Alanah, Naoise and Kaja on your fantastic entries. The older classes drew playground games for the younger classes in the yard, popcorn and hot chocolate parties popped up along the day. Classes also did a kind deed for members of staff and for those within our community. It was a lovely day all round. Thank you to Mrs. Barry for organising.

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