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Virtual Sports Day-Wednesday 10th of June 2020

Updated: 5th Jun 2020


Our annual Sports Day would have taken place around now.

Below are some ideas and videos so you don’t miss out.

Oh!  We forgot to mention … you have a day off schoolwork to take part.  Enjoy and have lots of fun today!!

Please email photos from your Virtual Sports Day to your class teacher. We would love to see them.



  1. Up bright and early? Why not try “PE with Joe.”

Tune in at 9am on Youtube


  1. Rainbow Run … Feeling energetic?

Dress up in your brightest clothes and go for a run.


  1. Bike Week would have taken place this week.

Why not go for a long cycle.


  1. We all love novelty races.

You could try: spud and spoon race, sack race, three-legged race, crawling race, running race, leapfrog race, hopping race, beanbag/ball under your chin race or beanbag/book on your head race.


  1. Are you inventive? Set up an exercise circuit in your home or garden. You could make signs to remind yourself what to do at each station. Here are some examples to get you started:

10 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups, 20 jumping jacks, balance on your right foot for 30 seconds, then your left foot, jog on the spot for 30 seconds. Can you come up with some more ideas?


  1. Do you enjoy dancing? Put on some of your favourite music and dance along. Can you make up a dance to go with the song?

Can you teach it to someone else? Can you create a mirror dance with a partner? Try some dance moves from Tik Tok.

Play musical statues.


  1. Have a house or garden hunt.

Try finding things around the house or garden beginning with all the letters of the alphabet.


  1. Get out and about … go on a photo walk.

Pick a colour or letter of the day and take photos of things that are that colour or start with that letter. Then put them together in a collage or video.

Up for a challenge? Try to make a rainbow or complete the alphabet.


  1. Looking for something more relaxing?

Take a look at Cosmic Kids Yoga.


  1. Brush up on your hurling and football

Can you hit the ball off your strong side aswell as your weaker side? Practice roll lifting the sliotar or soloing with the football.


  1. Other activities:

Take out your skipping rope.

Can you skip forwards? backwards? criss-cross?

Any other tricks?

Count how many skips you can do without stopping.


Play on your trampoline or swings or slide if you own them.

Play on your scooter, rollerblades etc..


Have you some chalk? Why not draw a hopscotch frame and play on that.

Take penalties against someone else. Who scores the most? Who makes the best save?

Wellyboot or water balloon toss. Who can throw it the furthest? Who can hit a target with it?

Do you own a ringboard or a dartboard?

Throw beanbags or balls into a bucket or a box. Make it harder by moving the bucket or box further away.


Feeling creative at the end of the day? … design or make a medal and have a virtual prize giving where everyone wins!!


You may get inspiration from some videos taken from Virtual Sports Day created by Sligo Education Centre. Click on the links below:


Running:   Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

Throwing: Tennis Ball Challenge

Kicking: Kick to Score

Balancing: Walk the Line

Landing: Jack Be Nimble

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