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Story Competition Winner

Updated: 13th Feb 2021

Recently, a story competition was held for our senior classes. Many worthy entries were received but there could only be one winner. That accolade went to Nikola Romejko in sixth class. Congratulations Nikola, a future author in the making. Below is her winning entry.

My Adventure                                I fall through a black starry blanket which turns into a tall velvet chair. I’m sitting at a long table with lots of delicious food. At the end, there’s a brown hare with about fifty multi-coloured hats, that are about to fall off. He’s also wearing a mustard coloured vest with purple stripes. The hats tip over and scatter everywhere. Without thinking, I jump on in.
This time, I’m in a huge bubble in a place that’s very blue. I realise I must be in water. All around me there are fish of all shapes and colours. I lean forwards to get a closer look and as I do, my bubble pops. I try to swim up to the surface but it gets darker and darker.
I force myself to open my eyes as I feel something soft. I look down. My hands are clutching long brown feathers, of an owl. I’m not in the clear waters. I’m flying above a magnificent forest. I look up to see a beautiful clear night sky with millions of twinkling stars. The owl swoops down as my eyes close because of the wind.
I soon find myself in my bed. “It must have been a dream,” I think. I feel something in my left hand. I open it to find a long brown feather!


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