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Updated: 3rd May 2020

Hello from St. Marys
The staff of St. Marys would like to say a big hello to all our students and their families. We are all getting used to this new way of life and learning and are so proud of the efforts being put in by our families to progress their children’s education. No one could have imagined this being our reality, yet people are rising to the challenges. It goes without saying that this is not easy. There can be problems with devices, internet access, printers and motivation, so we really want to relay that the staff are here for you, to help in any way.

Our class teachers continue to put weekly plans of suggested work on the school website, organised by Ms. Veale. Learning Support teachers have sent booklets out to their students and we love to see these being returned with notes attached from the children.

Huge congratulations to Holly and her brother TJ for establishing their very own Youtube channel called Eat Street, which features delicious cookery demos! What an achievement!

This week we are running a Share a Smile Window Competition. We would like our children and their families to decorate one window in the front of their house to give anyone walking past a reason to smile. It could include drawings, teddies or a joke. We would ask that a photo is taken of the student(s) standing outside the window and that it is sent to the class teacher’s email by next Thursday 7th May. Prizes for best efforts will be sent out next week. We encourage as many as possible to take part and look forward to the entries.

In these testing times of uncertainty, its no wonder that people’s mental health is being challenged. People who never before had issues with depression and anxiety are finding they are just not feeling like themselves. Children at home all day with very restricted movement can add to a feeling of being overwhelmed. If you are feeling under pressure, please talk to your GP and get help. Perhaps download the free app Insight Timer for some guided meditation for all the family.

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