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Junior Infants, Class of 2020

Updated: 21st Jun 2020

Junior Infants 2020 poem


On August 29th the school journey began,

It was time to let go of Mam or Dad’s hand.

Mixed emotions in the room, both excitement and fear,

Most children were smiling, some others in tears.

Us Teachers assured you they would be alright,

And looking back now, you’ll agree we were right.



The Juniors settled in well, each in their own time,

Learning how to take turns about who stands first in line.

Zipping up their coats, all by themselves,

And sorting the toys back onto the shelves.

Getting to know their classmates, a new family of friends,

Friendships formed this year will last ‘til the end.



They worked hard every day, and each day they got better,

At learning their sounds and writing their letters.

Counting forwards and backwards all the way up to ten,

If they couldn’t at first, they tried again and again.

They worked as a team to get their work done, and at the end of the week,

Golden Time was such fun.



The Nativity at Christmas made us so proud,

To see them on stage, singing so loud.

Pancake races in February was a treat for them all,

big smiles on their faces as they raced in the hall.  

The sports they engaged in, the art that they made,

They have created memories that never will fade.



This year was a short one in St. Mary’s PS,

Entering Senior Infants, we wish our Juniors the best.

Written by Ms. Kiely


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