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6th Class Debate November 2017

Updated: 7th Feb 2018

On Wednesday 22nd November  St. Marys Primary School, Dungarvan and St. Declan’s Primary School, Ardmore had a debate on the topic of  “ Single sex schools are better than mixed. “

St. Declan’s were opposing the motion and St. Mary’s were proposing the motion.  Both schools performed excellently especially as it was their first debate. It is safe to say that it was very nerve wrecking but the two schools were still outstanding! 

As a member of the St. Mary’s debate team I would like to say that it was very interesting and congratulations to St. Declans on winning the debate! They definitely deserved it! They argued that boys and girls are mixed in life in general, so should also be mixed in  school, but St. Marys came back with a great rebuttal arguing that boys  and girls have different learning needs and also that it may be awkward or embarrassing in the mixed classroom during the adolescent years .

Well done to my team mates Eva Fallon and Niamh O’ Riordan, they were amazing as they both spoke with confidence and had exceptional points. So well done girls!

A special thanks to the person who kept it all together, our chairperson Aoife Fitzgearld and our timekeepers Patricia Flynn and Katie Kenneally and Aoibhinn from St Declan’s.

Even though we lost we still tried our best and that’s all we could’ve done .The next time we are definitely going to  try even harder and hopefully win!

We would like to give special thanks to our mentor Ms. Foley, for giving us a chance to participate in debating and also thanks to the judges and St. Declan’s for coming!

By Kerry Dee

St Mary’s Primary School,
Youghal Rd, Dungarvan,
Co. Waterford

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