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Senior Infant Toy Show

Updated: 28th Nov 2021

In anticipation of the Late Late Toy Show, senior infants decided to give it a go themselves. Parents very kindly sent in photos of their children’s favourite toy. Ms. Kiely and Ms. O’ Connor proudly displayed these photos on the whiteboards. The boys and girls got to take it in turn to come up and speak about their favourite toy. Some budding Toy Show presenters we hear! (more…)

Toy Show Treat Bags

Updated: 28th Nov 2021

There was huge excitement in the air as all talk turned to the Toy Show last Friday. Junior infants prepared by decorating cookies to have as a treat while watching the Toy Show. They were delighted to be given a treatbag with other goodies inside to take home. The Gingerbread Man was also the story of the week. To finish off the theme, the children got to decorate some gingerbread men which they added to their treatbags. (more…)

Maths Eyes

Updated: 28th Nov 2021

Sixth class recently took part in the Maths Eyes competition which is an innovative approach to building a positive image of maths. It involves giving the learner a new perspective of the world around them, by encouraging them to see everyday objects in terms of maths eg. numbers, shapes, length etc. Pictured above are three girls who received certs commending their excellent work. Well done girls, some achievement!

Phonics And Patterns

Updated: 28th Nov 2021

The three junior infant classes have been learning about phonics and blending in novel ways thanks to their teachers. They also made colour patterns using counters, toy animals and buttons. This is what you call learning through play! (more…)

Aistear: At The Doctor’s Surgery

Updated: 22nd Nov 2021

Junior infants have been using the outdoor Aistear area once again. This week’s theme was At the Doctor’s Surgery. The boys and girls learned through role play. The receptionists and doctors had a very busy week. There were many injuries and illnesses in the surgery with many inventive cures!  (more…)


Updated: 22nd Nov 2021

Ms. Kiely’s and Ms. O’ Connor’s senior infants have been learning about fairytales over the last number of weeks. Their favourite so far has been Cinderella. Not only did they listen to the story, but they created beautiful carriages during their art lesson. During maths stations, they used 2d shapes to create Prince Charming’s castle. They boys and girls even decided to host their very own ball. In preparation for the ball, they designed invitations and constructed crowns and tiaras to wear. The children had a fantastic time showing off their dance moves at the ball. Wow, what great activities! (more…)

Kindness Week

Updated: 14th Nov 2021

Kindness Week reminds us of the importance of being kind to each other. The boys and girls celebrated by using kind words, playing together nicely in the playground and including everyone in their games. In class, artwork was created, stories were listened to and kind deeds were performed. Kindness certs were awarded to children who were spotted being kind throughout the week. (more…)

Happy Moments

Updated: 14th Nov 2021

Ms. Carroll-Lawler’s class had many happy moments in school this week. They played with their new friends from 1st class, took part in science experiments, had fun painting and played music together. Sounds like a great week! (more…)

Science Week:Sixth Class

Updated: 14th Nov 2021

Sixth class thought they were in for a treat when Ms. Kiely and Mrs. O’Regan pulled out tubes of Pringles! Instead of eating them, they explored gravity and used forces to complete their Pringles challenge which was to make a full circle. They also used acids and bases to explore the different reactions with these. Congrats girls on a great week. (more…)

Science Week:Fifth Class

Updated: 14th Nov 2021

Fifth class threw themselves wholeheartedly into Science Week. They enjoyed many activities and experiments over several days. Once again, their science box was provided by Lismore Primary Science. They looked at acids, bases, the ph scale and even chemical reactions when making lava lamps and rockets. Well done girls, you are quite the scientists! (more…)

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