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Sounds Walk With First Class

Updated: 29th Sep 2021

Ms. Kiely’s first class took advantage of the beautiful weather to explore the school surroundings. They combined it with a sounds walk as part of their music lesson on listening and responding to sounds in our environment. Great idea to combine the two! (more…)

Junior Infants: Fine Motor Activities

Updated: 29th Sep 2021

Ms. Cleary’s and Mrs. Ryan’s junior infants have been busy with fine motor activities. The activities included colouring, cutting, manipulating Playdoh, peeling off stickers, threading etc.  Not only are they having great fun, but they are also developing their hand eye coordination and finger control. Keep it going junior infants! (more…)

People We Love

Updated: 29th Sep 2021

Ms. Smith’s junior infants have been discussing themselves and their families this month. They shared the information with their new friends and even drew pictures to show to each other. Well done everybody! (more…)

Senior Infants Super September

Updated: 28th Sep 2021

Senior infants have had a super September exploring the topic “All About Me”. They listened to the story “When I Was Little” which helped them to recognise the ways in which they change and grow. As a reward for all their hard work, Ms. Kiely and Ms. O’ Connor decided to throw a “birthday party”. (more…)

Resumption Of Coaching

Updated: 17th Oct 2021

We are thrilled to see the return of the coaches from Dungarvan GAA. The boys and girls are so enthusiastic to play all the fun games, and are picking up the skills at the same time. They are enjoying both hurling and football and being outdoors. As always, a big thank you to our coaches, Pa, Jonathan, Liam and Pat. (more…)

Fine Motor Skills In Junior Infants

Updated: 13th Sep 2021

Mrs. Ryan’s junior infants were delighted to practice their fine motor skills. They were cutting, tracing and sorting and they also drew pictures after listening to the story of The Little Red Hen. The boys and girls enjoyed the variety of activities. Well done to everyone, a great start to the year. (more…)

Sorting In Junior Infants

Updated: 13th Sep 2021

Ms. Smith’s new junior infants had great fun in maths recently, when they were set some sorting challenges. The boys and girls had brilliant fun aswell as learning through play. What a brilliant start to the year. (more…)

Sixth Class Graduation

Updated: 13th Sep 2021

Sixth class had been busy practicing for their graduation mass with Mrs. O’ Regan. All their hard work paid off, as it was a beautiful ceremony. Once again, the weather was on our side and it was held outdoors. A big thank you to Fr. Cooney for his kind words to our class of 2021. We wish all our wonderful girls the very best in their new schools and in their futures. (more…)

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