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First Class Tour

Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

The final school tour took place, and what an action packed schedule. Both classes walked to Dungarvan GAA pitch. There, they had a little run around with their friends. Then the activities commenced, rounders, football, sack races and parachute games. The boys and girls enjoyed an ice cream to cool down afterwards. After that, it was a walk back to school. Bet everyone has a good night’s sleep tonight, including the teachers! (more…)

Recent Happenings

Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

It’s been all go around the school lately. Senior infants made delicious smoothies and played games in the local park. First class paid a visit to the playground. Happy days! We truly are blessed to have so many beautiful places on our doorstep.  (more…)

Teddies On Tour

Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

Junior infants were all excited to make invitations for their teddy bears’ picnic. The next day, they brought in their favourite teddy from home, and walked down town for a little get together. They chose a beautiful picnic spot by the castle where they enjoyed their food. Everyone had a great day, including the special guests! (more…)

First Class Boys Graduation

Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

It’s sadly that time of year again when we have to say goodbye to our first class boys. To mark the occasion, they were thrown a graduation party outdoors. The boys were called up individually by Mrs. Fitzgerald and were presented with a certificate and rosette. They each received some goodies too. We wish them all the very best in their new school next year. (more…)

Ice Pop Art

Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

To celebrate Father’s Day, Mrs. Ryan’s class made ice pop art for some of the very COOL men in their lives. We hope they didn’t melt! (more…)


Updated: 22nd Jun 2021

Ms.Healy’s senior infants wrote stories throughout the year. They decided to compile them into a book to bring home at the end of the year. Here they are, showing off their favourite story! (more…)

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Updated: 18th Jun 2021

Senior infants were delighted to be able to bring in their favourite teddy from home, for a teddy bears’ picnic. They chose to sit outside in the grass area in the warm sunshine. They ate their picnic while showing off their teddies to their friends. Afterwards, they also took part in a bubble disco. What a fun time! (more…)

Fifth And Sixth Classes On Tour

Updated: 13th Sep 2021

It was the turn of fifth and sixth class to have their school tour. They took a very picturesque route by cycling along the quay, on the Greenway and out to Clonea Beach. We are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery on our doorstep. Whilst at Clonea, they got to paddle in the water, play rounders and eat lunch. Afterwards, they were treated to ice cream cones which topped off a wonderful day. (more…)

Senior Infants On Tour

Updated: 18th Jun 2021

Senior infants enjoyed beautiful sunshine on their school tour. First stop was at Dungarvan bandstand, where James entertained them on his penny farthing bicycle. Next stop was Abbeyside playground where the boys and girls released a lot of energy! After that, they ate their lunch in Abbeyside park next to the pond. Finally, they got to have another play in the playground before heading back to school. A great day was had by all! (more…)

2nd, 3rd and 4th Classes On Tour

Updated: 18th Jun 2021

The three middle classes came together and went to Abbeyside beach on their tour. They went paddling in the water, made sandcastles and played games on the beach. On the way back to school, they made a pitstop at McDonalds where the girls were treated to McFlurry’s. What a cool way to spend time with your friends! (more…)

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