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Rocket Creations

Updated: 28th Feb 2021

Junior infants were learning about space this week in preparation for space station aistear on their return to school. These are some of their rocket and spaceship creations. (more…)

STEM Challenge: Bridges

Updated: 28th Feb 2021

Ms. Kiely’s senior infants became engineers this week. They were asked to design and build a bridge strong enough to hold an empty tin. The boys and girls rose to the challenge and were successful with their creations. (more…)

STEM Challenge: Recycled Animals

Updated: 28th Feb 2021

Ms. Dwane’s senior infants were continuing their STEM challenges. This week, they were asked to make an animal from an empty milk carton. Nicolas even made a bird feeder from his carton. (more…)

Name Challenge

Updated: 28th Feb 2021

Ms. Smith’s class were asked to find objects from around their house to spell out their names. Well done to everyone who took part. (more…)

Fourth Class Writing Competition

Updated: 25th Feb 2021

Fourth class were set a writing challenge this week. They could write a poem or a story with the title being “Snowflakes in Springtime”. Congratulations to our winners, Ashlyn George for her beautiful poem and also to Katie Kenneally for her wonderful story. Well done girls.

Super STEM Challenges

Updated: 25th Feb 2021

Ms. Healy’s class are thoroughly enjoying their weekly STEM challenges. This week, the boys and girls were asked to build a castle with a flag on top. Brothers even came together to work as a team on this one. Wow, what great results. Looks like great fun too.  (more…)

Sending Valentine’s Love

Updated: 22nd Feb 2021

Louise and Janey were missing some of their family during this lockdown. They were very thoughtful and sent Valentine’s cards to family members that they haven’t been able to see in a long time. Bet that put a smile on their faces and brightened up their day. What a lovely kind gesture.

Wind Down Wednesday

Updated: 22nd Feb 2021

To celebrate mid-term break in junior infants, remote learning on Wednesday focused on having fun. The children were given lots of fun activities to choose from. Below are photos of some of the fun in action. (more…)

Missing Each Other

Updated: 22nd Feb 2021

Jack and Conan from senior infants were missing each other so much that they decided to write a letter to each other. What a lovely way to stay in touch and it’s always nice to know that somebody is thinking about you. Well done boys.

Pancake Tuesday

Updated: 22nd Feb 2021

It was that time of year again when we show off our culinary skills in the kitchen. Pancake Tuesday was celebrated in style by our senior infants. Their STEM challenge was pancake art! Great fun was had by all and the pancakes were almost too good to eat! (more…)

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