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Worry Monsters

Updated: 2nd Feb 2021

Junior infants are working on wellness this week. They have created some wonderful worry monsters. The idea behind these is that the children can share any worries that they have with their monster. The worry monster will then eat their worry and make it disappear!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Updated: 27th Jan 2021

Ms. Healy’s class were challenged to complete an alphabet scavenger hunt. They went around their homes to look for items beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Some letters were easier than others to find, so well done on completing the task.

Reward for Hard Work

Updated: 27th Jan 2021

Ailish was feeling very proud of herself last Friday, after receiving her certificate for successfully completing all of her online activities. Congratulations Ailish.

Keeping Busy with Junior Infants

Updated: 27th Jan 2021

Ms. Cleary’s junior infants have been keeping themselves very busy this week. They have been taking part in art, english, PE and many maths activities. Way to go guys! (more…)

Third Class STEM Challenge

Updated: 27th Jan 2021

Ms. Kiely’s girls have been getting in on the STEM challenges too. They were tasked with making a boat that would be able to float. What great results!

Laundry Art

Updated: 8th Feb 2021

Ms. Kiely’s and Ms.McGovern’s girls had very good fun taking part in a laundry art challenge. They used clothes to make a picture. What fabulous creations! Well done girls.

Junior Infants Acts of Kindness

Updated: 27th Jan 2021

Mrs. Ryan’s class were asked to carry out an act of kindness at home. The acts ranged from filling the dishwasher, washing up, sweeping up, walking the dog and drawing beautiful pictures. The boys and girls have been very helpful by the look of things! (more…)

Senior Infants Junk Art Robots

Updated: 26th Jan 2021

Ms. Dwane’s class got their creative caps on and made brilliant junk art robots by using everyday items in their house. What a fun activity to do and what fabulous results. (more…)

Ms. Carroll-Lawler’s Classroom

Updated: 26th Jan 2021

The boys have enjoyed watching Ms. Carroll-Lawler reciting rhymes online this week. They also completed activities which helped to improve their fine motor skills. They had great fun using slime, playdoh, puppets and stickers. Well done boys. Keep up the good work.

Senior Infant STEM Challenges

Updated: 26th Jan 2021

Ms. Healy’s class and Ms.Kiely’s class have been very busy with their STEM challenges this week. The boys and girls had great fun experimenting. I think you’ll agree that they stepped up to the challenges that were set! (more…)

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