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Fourth Class Have Been Keeping Busy

Updated: 8th Feb 2021

Ms. Quinn’s girls have been keeping themselves busy. They have been performing the cup song, exploring the outdoors and experimenting with tie-dye. What busy bees! (more…)

Spreading Joy With A Smile

Updated: 8th Feb 2021

A smile is a great way to spread a little happiness and is a universal language. Ms. Quinn asked her girls to send in a photo that would make her smile. The girls certainly rose to the challenge! (more…)

Second Class Zoom Scavenger Hunt

Updated: 4th Feb 2021

The girls in second class took part in a zoom scavenger hunt. They found household items around their homes and were challenged to make something at the end. What a fun challenge! (more…)

Third Class Challenge

Updated: 4th Feb 2021

Ms. Kiely challenged her class to make the words St. Mary’s from different household objects. What a terrific response she got and creativity on show once again.

Virtual Hugs With Junior Infants

Updated: 4th Feb 2021

As we are separated from each other at present, junior infants decided to spread the love by creating some virtual hugs. What a thoughtful idea!

Senior Infants Say Hello

Updated: 3rd Feb 2021

Ms. Healy’s class were asked to send in a photo with the word hello included. This was a lovely way for the children to stay in touch. They could draw the word or make the word from different objects that they had to hand. What great imaginations! (more…)

Senior Infants:STEM Challenges

Updated: 8th Feb 2021

This week’s STEM challenge was to design and make a chair strong enough to hold their teddies. Most of the children used only paper and tape. Think we have a few buddy engineers in senior infants! (more…)

Time Out

Updated: 13th Feb 2021

With everybody being so busy with online learning and staying at home, it is very important to take a break to recharge. Just by getting fresh air or by exercising, it helps with our mental health. Below are some of the fun ways our boys and girls have been taking time out. (more…)

Antarctica and Third Class

Updated: 2nd Feb 2021

Third class have been exploring the topic of Antarctica over the last month. They discovered that it is a continent in the South Pole and is covered in ice. They also found out many facts relating to animals, weather and food. Looks like the girls had brilliant fun with this topic. (more…)

Inside Out Day

Updated: 8th Feb 2021

Some of our classes wore their clothes inside out for the day. Even Mrs. Ryan and Ms. Cleary got in on the act!! This was to raise awareness to always be kind and think of others. How someone looks on the outside, might not reflect how they are truly feeling on the inside. What a fabulous idea. (more…)

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