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A New School Year Begins

Updated: 21st Aug 2018

As our summer holidays come to an end, we hope you are all looking forward to returning to school on Thursday 30th August at 8.50am.

For some, it will be their first day of school which of course brings a myriad of emotions. Rest assured, we will endeavour to do our very best so that your little one settles into their new setting with ease. Here are a few tips and nuggets of information that may help all our lovely students, old and new.

After such a beautiful summer, kids are not used to wearing jumpers so they’ll be sure to take them off. To avoid any mix ups, please label all items of clothing. Our uniform may be bought in Monica’s, Shaws and Dunnes. School Jumpers/cardigans must have our school crest on them. School tracksuits (crest optional) may be bought in the same shops. Your child may wear their full uniform every day until you are informed which day(s) are PE days.

School will close at 12 noon on our first day back to accommodate a staff meeting.

Tips to deal with the practicalities:

Make it easy for your child by buying velcro runners and shoes and clothes with elasticated waists

Label everything clearly with the child’s name and class

Get your child into uniform before the big day and show Granny! Practise putting on their coat and encourage them to zip it up themselves

Provide them with an easy to open lunchbox and water bottle. We are a Healthy Eating School so please, no treats

Your child will be lucky enough to be offered a complimentary lunch with a fantastic choice of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches/wraps etc and healthy drinks. A menu will be sent home with each child but a generic lunch will be provided for everyone from next Thursday

Have the uniform laid out the night before with shoes, socks, hair accessories etc (we’ve all had those mornings where the hairbrush is playing hide and seek!)

Get up half an hour earlier for a calm and happy home

Tips to deal with the emotional side:
Talk to your child, do not assume your child knows what to expect. Fears stem out of the unknown

Do not belittle your child’s anxieties, reassure them. Take a trip to the library where there are some lovely books about starting school. ‘The Kissing Hand’ is particularly nice

Your child may cry on the first day and that is okay, it is a release of emotions. It can be an emotional day for parents too and we empathise with you and will support you any way we can

Do not overstay on the first day; 3-5 minutes is enough. This is for your child’s sake. Please enjoy taking some pictures of this very special day but refrain from uploading them to social media if they contain other children

Tell your child you are going and that you will be back

Be early for pick up as it can be very stressful for a child if a parent or guardian is late. All children will finish at 12 noon on Thursday and Junior Infants will finish at 12 noon for two weeks and 1.30 thereafter. School finishes at 2.30 for pupils from 1st to 6th

Get support from other parents in the early days

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